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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 mayor stephanie rawlings-blake speaks out for the first time since baltimore's board of ethics announced plans to investigate her administratton. adminissration.members voted in favor of the inquiry after it was revealed the mayor received hundreds of free tickets to concerts and events at first mariner arena. arena.tom rodgers is here with more on how the mayor is ressonding... plls yoor other top stories of the morning. when we fiist asked the mayor about these tickets about a week ago... she called the topic trivial... now shees defending it for the first tim. reviee of the long standing policy regarding the baltimore arena. the ity's board of ethics will be revieeing hundreds of free tickets she received to shows like rihanna and jay-z at first mariner rena.all
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sold out concerts that the mayor had easy access to. although the facility is city owned... it's operation is contracted. 13:11:44 the event tickets are not paid for with taxpayer fundssand none of this is newwor out offthee ordinary.(lu/ethics board)12:28:26 i think the enough people have questions about that it ooght to be looked at. aa.whether it's right... is a now an issue for the board of ethics to determineeif members do find a violation... it could result in certain sanctions.currently there are &pno regulations governingghow these tickets should be doled out by the mayor. an overnight shooting in west baltimore leaves two men dead and a woman fighting for her life.police say the shots were fired along linnard street near edminson avenue just after 12:30 this morning.right now, detectives are far, no prrests have been made. 3 a gaithersburg man is convicttd of killing his 12 year old stepdaughter.43 year old david hang was convicted
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wednesday by a montgomery county jury in the death of jessica nguyen.prosecutors say hang stabbee the girl more than 40 times last may.they say hang entered into a sham marriage with jessica's mother to keep her from getting deported.hang apparently became angry when she wouldn't ggve him a divorce.he is scheduled to be sentenced n october. penn sttte university will host a sex abuse conference this october. the announcement comes after former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was found guilty in june of child sex abuse involving ten boys. boxer sugar ray leonard and elizabeth smart will speak at the event. both are former sex abuse victims . tonight is your last chance to sound off bout b-g-e's response to the massive power outages in june. june.the storm knocked out power to hunnreds of thousands of customers for up to a week. lack of advanced warning about the surprise storm kept them from getting power back on as quickly as hey wanted. customers have had three
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chances to sound off so far this week... and tonight is the last of four scheduled public hearings.the meeting for baltimroe county residents is at the baatimoreecounty office building at 7 tonight crews will finish up work today on a road damaged by another major water main break... this time in souttwest baltimore.the middle of frederick avenue buckled from tuesday's break near brunswick.crews have repaired the 10- incc of last night... the city was working on seven active breaks.they average about three breaas a day. a horrifying a camera captures flames surrounding a home on near clee-elum washington. washington.the taylor-ridge fire southeast of seattle... has destroyed at least sixty homes and scroched 22-thousand acres. one resident who lost her home described her narrow escapeethis week. ((we were petrified, you could hear it, you could hear the swoosh of it and you could hear the crackling of it and you could
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hear the trees exploding and it was coming right down the ridge a couple hundred yards from us as we ran as fast as we could possibly run.)) run.))thh wildfire is just one of several playing out as thirteen states battle at least seventy wildfires. an important recall tt pass your way... involving a product that's super popular among new parents right now. now.this is the "bumbo chair." and today... roughly 4-million of them are being recalled... after reports of kids wiggling some of the injuries have rt..- resulted in skull fractures. anyone owning one of these chairs is urged to go to the company's website for a free repair kit. and thousaads of cans of soup are being recalled this morning... after consumers found bits of plastic in it. it.the u-s-d-a says the soup was sold in wegman's supermarkets in several states affected soups include.... chicken and dumpping soup gazpacho soup anditaliaa wedding soup. soup.for a complete list of
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affected ppoducts... and their sell by dates.. go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. before you crack an egg for breakfast... here is news that might have you reaching for cereal.a new study suggests eating egg yolks could be allost as bad as smoking!the study says onsuming just three egg yolks per week can accelerate heart disease similar to smoking.but some just one of the studies offering contradicating results. pasture pies... prairie muffins... no matter what pretty names you call them... this next competition stinks.'s the annual cow chip tossing contest at the iowa state fair. fair.that's right... competitors lined up to rab a handful of cow poo wednesday to see who could toss the nasty stuff the past champ shared his secret for winning... saying it's all in picking the perfect pattie.
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(("too big, and it's too doesn't have the ight mass. you try to find one with the right grip and that just feels gooo in your hand. and that's chip." )) ))the reigning champ is the state fair's photographer.his ááooá hit 92 feet... proving once again he is number one in throwing number two. 3
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superstars of music living with regular folks. folks.(()) (())one of the show's contestants dishes on the show... and what it was really like living with country star john rich. plus... a bird is behind bars... what thhs cockatiel did that put him in the big house. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 3
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it's forrthe community, by the community. the creative alliance does so much for the community with the help of volunteers. michael owen... an artist featured at the creative alliance joins us people get involved at ow can the reative alliance? - what
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are some of the roles volunteers have within the museum? - how do people express their interest
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in volunteering? volunteering? the creative alliance is openntuesday - saturday. from 11a.m. - 7:00 p.m. anddadmission to the gallery is free. for more information on the creative alliance and ooher upcoming dot com slash morning. timooe wayward bird. bbrd.coming up... police put a cocktiel behind bars... how the biid got the best of a police cadet. cadet. you're [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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new york... perching itself on a police cadet's head at a gun range. the roof is in the picture... the cockatiee seemed unfazed by all the gunfire going on. police are nnw housing the bird back at the polic academy... while they conduct neighborhood interviews to find the bird's owner.
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3 music superstarr move in with
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regular folks.'s all part of a new show called áthe nextá... coming up.. a baltimore contestant joins s to dish on what it's like waking up to country star john rich. you'rr watching fox 45 good day ballimore. ((break 3))
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3 a baltimore woman is in the national spotlight.jenny leigh freeman has made a name for herself in the country music industry.... but now she's hoping to take her career up a notth.she's landed role as a contestant on the new c-w show, "the next: fame is at your doorstep".it premieres studio to talk about her - this is a singing coopetition
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with a twist.. the competition with a this is a singing competition with a twist.. the contestants likeeyourself are established. tell me a little about the format of the show. tonight is the orlando episode.. so we wont see you.. but nexx
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week is all about baltimore. tell me about your experience...selected to be on this show.. you were john rich's contestantt what with him?sing for us.
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"the next: fame is at your doorstep" premieres ttnight at 9-pm n the cw baltimore.the baltimore episode will air
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next thursday. a wild ccash caught on camera. camera.((crashh& reaction nats)) nats))how this car ended up over a cliff... and how the driver inside was able to walk crash.((1:12 you got a front tag there, batman?)) batman?))plus.. batman and his lamborghini went viral this year... when he was pulled ovvr in silver he's back with a new batmobilee.. we'll check out his hot new ride coming up in our next half hour. you're watching fox 45 ggod day baltimore. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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3 with supporters by his side....governor o' mmlley signed the caaino bill into law. tom rodgers is here with more story... as well as today's other top stories.hey tom. hey patrice and megan.another special session is in the historr books... books...lawmakers adjourned yesterday, after enacting a bill to expand gambling to table games and building another casino in prince (garagiola) "we're palking about thousands of
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jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars for the education trust fund. i ttink it's a win for the state, two wins for the state and it's sommthing that's going to go o the voters." some lawmakerr are not pleased the bill lowers the amount of taxes casino owners will pay. employees are wondering what's next this morning ... after the saleeof the sparrow's point steel mill puts theer jobs and benefits in doubt. doubt.a delaware bankruptcy judgeeapproved the sale to a liquidation company last night. under the terms f the sparrows point is sold the new owners can terminate r-g steel employees at their discrettoo. they are also not obliiated to pay wages... bonuses... severancc pay or benefits.ttat peans nearly 2-thousand workers could be without jobs and benefits sooner than expected. (7:44) its going to affect a lot of people if we don't have 2000 jobs.....we're out... ((take sot))(13:00) ttese guys will lose everything...lining their wn pockets pockets thh llquidation company says it hhsn't ruled out selling part of the property to a company that
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will re-open a part of the mill. johns hopkins hospital will begin facial transplants. the hospital announced wednesday that a university review board has given approval to allow a transplant team to begin accepting patients. the team will be led by doctor. w-p andrew lee aad include docttr chad gordon. hopkins says gordon was a member of a team at the cleveland clinic that performed the nation's first nearly full-face transplant. the procedure has only been performed six times in the u-s. all eyes are on facebook today... the company's so- called "lock up" agreement with many shareholders is over. and because of that... shareholders will have the option to sell off about 271-million shares for the first time... which could leave the company battered aad bruised.facebook's stock has lost nearly áhalfá its value since its debut in may. experts say stoccs typically tank when their locked-uu shares are set free... since supply usually tops demann. can you spell "cheater?"if
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you're playing scraable... "cheater" is a 12-point word... but ázeroá points if you actually are one. one.a contestant at the national scrabble championship learned that lesson the hard way.the teen was disqualified tuesday... after being caught áhoardingá blank tiles... that can be used for any letter. players saw himmplacing the tiles near his foot... instead of returning them to the grab bag. 1:22 easter says: "he took two blanks... whhch are the most powerful tiles... in his hand... and put all the bagss and start... ready to start the game." "and where were those tiles?" "in his hand." hand."the player was questioned and confessed.a be held to determine whether he will face sanctions. 3 one ticket matched all six numbers in last night's 337-million dollar powerball dr.
9:37 am was bought in michigan... so if you have relatives there... you might want to give them a call. call. but hey... you can still win cash for matching your tickkts.the winning grab - numbers are.... 6-27- 46-51-56, powerball- 21.the odds of winning... are á175- millioná to one. coming up... a model mishap. 3 mishap.((:10 (camera clicking) ) scream.))a model falls from a tree... and it'ssall caught on camera. plls... a young boy gets his head stuck in a railing...
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find out what rescue workers use to free him... meteorologist))
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it's time to reveal the answer to our "ripleys believe it or not" question of the week. week.yesterday morning we asked:freak show performer johnny eck once walked the 897 steps it takes to get to the top of the washington monument on his hands...the answee: believe it!rie sadler guesssd it righh so she wins a
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pair of tickets to ripleys! rippeys!we'll ask another question next wednesday.we'll select one person with the correct answer to win a pair of tickets to ripleys believe it or not!to enter... go to facebook dot com slash on the inside fox45 tab and fill out the form. caught on camera... good people... in bad situattons. situations.from the man who from a we're showing you some of the willest and unniest things caught on camera this week. week.((:42 you can send me robin if you wish :44)) plus... batman's lamborghini got him in trouble with the lawwin maryland this year... but don't worry... he's back... with a hot new ride.a tour of the new batmobile coming up.
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she's been called a lightning rod for controversy... first it was that immigration policy... "i didn't know or realize at the time just how big of a lightning rod it was going to be." then it was that 'chat' with the president... "it was an uncomfortable encounter."but if you think the storm is over... think again... "if people get me in a corner, sometimes i do get a little feisty!" arizona governor, january brewer. on the "700 club," thursday at 10:00 a.m.3
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& today we are showing you people having really bad days. days.a ittle boy gets caught in a sticky situation....and a model's photoshoot goes awry.'s all caught on camera... right now.let's start with the worst of them alll.. the driver who sends his car over a cliff. nats))h & reaccion nats)) what a wipe out. this car rolled down the side of a mountain during the annual pikes peak international hill climb race in colorado over the weekend. the driver and his passenger were air-lifted to the hospital... ut neither pad any broken bones... and have since been released. you've probably you've prrbably heard of a
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caught in a rail before... but you've probably never seen it happen in such a public place. place.crowds and cameras ggther to watch rescue workers carefully extract this boy out of a guardrail in southwest chi. chinaathe poor kid's expression shows just how painfully embarrassing the whole situation was.crews had to bring in the jaws of life to expand the hole to free him. he was not hurt. the end result is gorgeous... but we've got proof this morring that things aren't always pretty during phhto shoots with models. what happens during a recent shoot with model sasha lords. ((:100(camera clicking) scream. did you catch that? :19) :19))that? :19)) :19))scream. did you catch that? :19)) 3 :19))a branch snaps sending
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model sasha lords to the ground.((ááááááad libááááá)) talk about a bad day at the office.. this man was moving some boxes around a warehouse in maryland he was about to walk away from the area when heetripped on a cart.hh tried to walk away like nothing happened...people in the area might notthave seen it.. but it was all caught on surveiilance video. two planes are in involved in a messy accident at nashville interrational airport.. causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. a crew from atlantic
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aviation was towing the larger &pgulfstream when witnesses say a tow bar broke... sending the jet towarr the smaller beechcrrft king air. both planes ere empty at the time... batman has a new car.check out all the bells and whistles of this new batmobile... next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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or, visit us online. ((:24 no tag... it's just a black lamborghini and a driver dressed as batman :32))((:42 you can send me robin if you wwsh :44)) earlier this year... batman got pulled over in silver spring... in his lamborghini. now he's back with a new batmobile... and hopefully tags to boot. &p good morning, batman!check out the new wheels!about your new car? -
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fighting evil attchildrens hospitals? - where are you fighting evil next? - watch coming..... for more information on batman and to get a list of up and coming appearances log coming a list of up and coming appearances log on to fox balttmore dot commslash morning.
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how he's bringing more than e..- just a new car to sinai hospital. on fox 45 news at five. the sun is shining over
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meteorologist steve fertig is up next to tell us what to expect for the weekend. weekend.watching fox 45 good dayy áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((break 8))
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